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Hello Everyone! I am pretty new here but I am trying to get the hang of it so that I don’t make to many mistakes.

I am trying to get a teddy bear making buisness off the ground and thought that this is a good place to start to see how many people are interested in my bunnies.

These bunnies are all completely made by hand by me! The take a long time to make and are very hard to do and after practicing I finally think that I am ready to sell my bunnies.
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The brand I am planning on going under is Usagi-san (loose translation Mr. Rabbit) as I love making the bunnies more then I do making the bears and a bunny was the first teddy I made.

The reason why I am posting here is because I have realized that the bunnies I make are very similar to the bunny featured in the gothic and lolita bible! I thought that was really cool I only got that particular bible (I think it’s 3 or 4) the other day and saw the bunny pattern in there!

Now about the bunnies, the pictures you see are from my concept bunny, this is basically the first bunny I did and I threw him together so that you could see what the bunnies look like when they’re all done.
Now this bunny for one doesn’t have a fur face or feet, which your bunny will have, and also this bunny is not properly jointed (he’s string jointed which means that he’s very, very floppy) whereas your bunny will have proper joints and you will be able to move his arms and his legs. Also the fur I have used on this bunny is not available as I got it from a shop that closed down and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else.

Now to details, the bunnies will cost 25GBP to make as the material, eyes, joints and stuffing cost a lot of money.

Each bunny is head to toe 21” long when lying down.

Eyes: You can choose to have orange, brown or green eyes.
Material: I will do up to 2 colours on each bunny. The possibilities are endless for how you want you bunny to look:
1. All one colour
2. 2 colours (this is the face and bottom of the feet a different colour to the rest of the bunny)
3. Cow print - with a white or black face
4. Leopard print – with a yellow or black face
5. Tigar print – with a orange or black face
6. Patchy – This is where there are ultimate colours all over the body e.g. the arm: one side would be white and the other side would be black.
Nose: The nose is sewn on with wool, I will make the nose a colour I think goes with the fabric style you have chosen unless you state otherwise.
Neck Tie: I will include a neck tie which will be with the bunny for you to tie round the neck or head yourself (as they say a teddies birthday is from when he first get’s a ribbon.)
1. A silk ribbon ( of any colour you choose)
2. A neck tie made out of 3 different colours of wool (colours of your choice aswell)

Please copy and paste the information below into an e-mail and send it to: . Fill in the appropriate parts. Please give it a title of Usagi-san
Order form
1. Your Name:
2. Eyes Colour:
3. Material Type: (for c, d, or e, just add the colour you would like the face to be.)
a. Colour of Face: Colour of the rest of the body:
b. Colour of Face: Colour of the rest of the body:
c. I would like the face to be:
d. I would like the face to be:
e. I would like the face to be:
f. Colours: I want colour to be the face.
4. I would like the nose colour. (if you would like me to choose just leave this blank)
5. I would like a (enter either neck tie or ribbon, and the colour/ colours) if you would like me to choose just leave this space blank.

I accept payment by, Paypal, Money (at your own risk) and personal cheque.
You will be contacted so show that you order has been received and this is when we shall work out the payment and addresses.

Each bunny will take up to a week to be complete and will be sent out the morning after completion.

Thankyou very much for your time and I hope I manage to sell some bunnies.

NOTE: These bunnies are not child proof, most of the fur used molts so they are not appropriate for small children or babies.

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