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Lone Puppy Seeks Friends

Hello! I am a cute, lonely puppy and I seek as many friends as possible.
Do you want to be my friend????
I am two years old, I am born on Christmas and my sign is Capricorn. My plush type is A+. I like birds, squirrels, Pokemons and everything cute. My dream is to travel around the world in the back bag of an Harley Davidson motorcycle. I hope you will like my adventures.
I love you all people. Please come read me.

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    I just joined. I'd hate to find out that I found a community that celebrates Kawaiiness, on it's way out.

  • hi

    Oh no! this community is too cute to go to waste :( Is there anyone still here? Anouk


    Hello Everyone! I am pretty new here but I am trying to get the hang of it so that I don’t make to many mistakes. I am trying to get a teddy bear…

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